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How to FIX your dry and coarse beard ?

Before we find the answer to this problem, we looked into what is causing  what was making beards rough to begin with.  Here are the reasons and and what you can do about them.

Reason number 1: Beard was as dry as the Kalahari due to all day long exposure to the cold and the hot weathers and environments and there was no moisture to my beard hair follicles.  

Solution :  Wash you face with warm water. Then, add a few drops of the beard oil in your hand and massage it into your beard. Washing with warm water opens your pores and allows the beard oil to really soak in. Rub the beard oil in your hands and then comb in throughout your entire beard with your hands and fingers all the way down to skin on your face. What the beard oil does is add moisture to your beard.

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Tip : There are a lot of beard oils and moisturizers out there. The one to choose depends on the size and coarseness of your beard, as some oils can be too heavy.  We recommend beard oil with either almond or argan oil base as this light and quick absorbent.


Reason number 2: Split ends and knots in your beard.

Solution : After you shower preferably before bed, apply a very small amount of beard balm into your beard.  Rub the beard balm between your palms to heat it and make it workable.  With an even spread of beard balm in the hands, work it throughout your beard from the roots to the end of the follicles.  Where the main purpose of the oil is to add moisture, the beard balm will address the split ends and knots.

Key points: Do not expect results overnight. Have a routine, care for it and most importantly be patient. You will see results SLOWLY and SURELY.